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Living Canvas Rain

The Living Canvas: Rain

July 1 - August 20, 2011
Friday and Saturday nights at 10:00 pm

National Pastime Theater
4139 N Broadway, Chicago (Map)

Tickets $20
Go to to purchase tickets online securely with a credit card, or call 773.327.7077

Part of the Naked July festival produced by National Pastime Theater.

Join The Living Canvas in a journey to a land where rain has been forgotten.  Fourteen performers, clad only in the textures of projections and light, become storytellers who communicate with their entire being.

This production deals with the fundamental connection between the human body and the natural world -- the pure and essential relationship between water and flesh. It's theatre, it's dance, it's movement, it's art, it's a celebration!

About The Living Canvas

Pete Guither's The Living Canvas has been projecting textures and images onto naked performers since 2001, and Rain is their eighth show in Chicago.  Each show has had a different theme and structure, but all celebrate the power of the human body to be an expressive canvas, with an underlying theme of body acceptance.  In fact, each show not only has a Q and A session following, but also an opportunity for adventurous audience members to see what it's like to be a Living Canvas.

The Living Canvas: Rain Company
Pete Guither, Artistic Director/Projections
Gaby Labotka, Director-Choreographer
Bill Daniel, Writer
Isaac Mandel, Sound Designer
Andi Davis, Stage Managaer
Adam Fox, Production Manager
Ian Miller, Technical Director

Robbie Bersano
Mike Brown
Diana Christopher
Mercedes Frierson
Grace Gimpel
Matt Helsel
Gina Koontz
Ronan Mark
Lily Mueller
JR Rubin
Blake Russell
Lauren Shufelt
Xavi Xhaedon

Reviews of past productions

"Intriguing and fanciful... feast for the eyes." -- Hedy Weiss, Sun-Times

"Intensely peculiar and mesmerizing... It's riveting." -- Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

"Pete Guither's high-def projections of intricate patterns across naked actors is eye candy on the order of a laser-light show..." -- Time Out Chicago

"I didn't know what I attended, but it was definitely one of the most courageous, most creatively uninhibited, most theatrical boundary-pushing events that I saw this year in the city." -- From the Ledge

"The visual spectacle of dancers bathed in vividly-hued abstract patterns as they execute their kinetic activities unfettered by restrictive garb, the resulting effect being that of nude humans clothed in lighted pictures.... intellectual, as well as sensory stimulation." -- Windy City Times

"Sensual and visceral performance art piece done with craft and good taste." -- Chicago

"Guither, joined by director/choreographer Vanessa Passini and The Living Canvas have brought to the National Pastime Theater a one-of-a-kind theatrical performance powerful enough to make even Shakespeare red in the cheeks." -- Newcity Chicago

"Pete Guither's vivid, colorful abstract images are projected onto the performers' bodies. The visual effect is mesmerizing... Lots of nice asses" -- Chicago Reader

"Stoners, Dali fans, sensualists of every stripe, this show's for you. Sober or otherwise, you'll find the visual pleasures of Guither's idiom considerable." -- Brian Nemtusak, Chicago Reader

"'The Living Canvas' is as powerful as it is beautiful. Pete Guither has once again made his mark on modern theatre, this time pushing the envelope of artistic creativity to new realms with the latest rendition of his own creation, The Living Canvas - Demons. As part of National Pastime Theatre's Naked July Festival, Guither ingeniously showcases his ability to intertwine the beauty of the naked body with flowing motion, mesmerizing projections and a riveting storyline that invokes a wide range of emotions." -- Buzz Magazine

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