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The Living Canvas: Eureka

  • Performed at National Pastime Theater in Chicago, June 29 through August 11, Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm
  • Performed at Downstairs Cabaret Theatre in Rochester, New York, August 24 and 25


  • Performer (alternating): Grace Gimpel (Chicago), Gaby Labotka (Chicago), Christie Willis (Chicago, Rochester)
  • Choreography: Gaby Labotka
Philosopher and the Moth
  • Philosopher: Trace Gamache; Moth: Carrie Campana; Philosopher u/s: Teagan Walsh-Davis
  • Text/Concept: Bill Daniel
  • Clown: Amber Hargroder, Robots: Sarah Aubry, Christopher J. Bryant, Teagan Walsh-Davis, Chase Leynaud (Chicago), Tim Lee (Chicago), Jeffrey Rubin (Rochester)
  • Concept: Jeffrey Rubin
  • Performer: Grace Gimpel (Chicago), Artemis Steakley-Freeman (Rochester)
  • Text: Artemis Steakley-Freeman
  • Performers: Carrie Campana, Trace Gamache, Miona Harris, Teagan Walsh-Davis, Chase Leynaud (Chicago)
  • Choreography: Meagan Piccochi
My Voice
  • Performers: Arielle Basile (singer), Trace Gamache, Lauren Shufelt, Teagan Walsh-Davis, Grace Gimpel (Chicago), Christie Willis (Rochester)
  • "My Voice" composed by Jerry Hui for Living Canvas Eureka!, text by Artemis Steakley-Freeman
This Heart
  • Performers: Jeffrey Rubin / Teagan Walsh-Davis (speakers), Sarah Aubry, Arielle Basile, Christopher J. Bryant, Chase Leynaud (Chicago) Christie Willis (Rochester)
  • Text: Artemis Steakley-Freeman and Eli Van Sickel; Choreography and Concept: Christie Willis and Lauren Shufelt
  • Performer: Sarah Aubry
  • Text: Artemis Steakley-Freeman
You Should be Dancing
  • Performer: Xavier C.D. FitzSimons
  • Choreography: Meagan Piccochi
  • Performers: Christopher J. Bryant, Trace Gamache, Chase Leynaud (Chicago), Teagan Walsh-Davis (Rochester)
  • Text: Artemis Steakley-Freeman
  • Performers: Christopher J. Bryant, Miona Harris, Tim Lee (u/s)
  • Choreography: Christie Willis
  • Performers: Sarah Aubry, Arielle Basile, Christopher J. Bryant, Carrie Campana, Xavier C.D. FitzSimons, Trace Gamache, Amber Hargroder, Miona Harris, Jeffrey Rubin, Lauren Shufelt, Artemis Steakley-Freeman, Teagan Walsh-Davis, Mike Brown (Chicago), Tim Lee (Chicago), Chase Leynaud (Chicago), Gaby Labotka (u/s), Christie Willis (Rochester)
  • Choreography: Meagan Piccochi, Pete Guither and Company
  • Text by Artemis Steakley-Freeman
Epilogue/Audience Participation
  • Performers: Amber Hargroder, Jeffrey Rubin, Mike Brown (Chicago), Lauren Shufelt (Rochester)...

Eureka! Projection Design and direction: Pete Guither; Sound Design: Adam Fox; Hand-held projector operators: Sarah Aubry, Christopher J. Bryant, Trace Gamache, Miona Harris, Jeffrey Rubin, Lauren Shufelt; Stage Management: Lisa Adams.

Eureka! was a collaborative effort of the entire company.

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