Theatre. Art. Movement. A journey through the mind, conducted by the body.

Living Canvas Demons

The Living Canvas: Demons

July 2 - 31, 2010 Extended until August 14!
Friday and Saturday nights at 10:00 pm

National Pastime Theatre
4139 N Broadway, Chicago (Map)

Tickets $20
Purchase Tickets Online
or call the Box Office at 773-327-7077

Part of the Naked July festival produced by National Pastime Theater. (Check out the Naked July Blog.)

Join The Living Canvas in a journey through the mind of a young woman, encountering creatures of nightmare, mystery, and merriment.  Ten performers, clad only in the textures of projections and light, reveal a hidden world where naked flesh morphs into the manifestations of fantasy and nothing is what it seems.

About The Living Canvas

Pete Guither's The Living Canvas has been projecting textures and images onto naked performers since 2001, and Demons is their seventh show in Chicago.  Each show has had a different theme and structure, but all celebrate the power of the human body to be an expressive canvas, with an underlying theme of body acceptance.  In fact, each show not only has a Q and A session following, but also an opportunity for adventurous audience members to see what it's like to be a Living Canvas.

Nina Metz of the Chicago Tribune called The Living Canvas "intensely peculiar and mesmerizing... It's riveting" Time Out Chicago said "Pete Guither's high-def projections of intricate patterns across naked actors is eye candy on the order of a laser-light show," a view shared by Brian Nemtusak of The Reader "Stoners, Dali fans, sensualists of every stripe, this show's for you."  And called it a "sensual and visceral performance art piece done with craft and good taste."

The Living Canvas - Demons Company

Lisa Adams, Writer/Director
Pete Guither, Artistic Director/Projections
Don Alsafi, Co-Writer/Assistant Director
Megan Piccochi, Choreographer
Adam Fox, Production Manager
Isaac Mandel, Sound Designer
Andi Davis, Stage Managaer
Steven Besic, Producer

Carrie Colden
Liz Davis
Miona Harris
Gina Koontz
Gaby Labotka
Tim Lee
Emily Mark
Joshua Peterson
Xavier Quillan
Lauren Shufelt

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